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Royal Fraser

Licensed Acupuncturist

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At the heart of my practice are acupuncture treatments. Each appointment starts with listening to you and crafting a treatment that will be specific and useful. Bringing together decades of experience in healthcare, treatments give my patients a chance to pause and give their nervous system a break from stress. 


Each treatment is unique. Some patients benefit most from a longer time to talk and others a longer time with the acupuncture needles.  Also available are booster aspects to the treatment like: herbal therapy, cupping, moxa (heat therapy), gua sha (massage) and yoga poses. 

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Ultra fine disposable needles are used in my practice. The places I select are drawn from over 300 known acupuncture points. My job is to select only a handful that will have the most profound and useful effect. Though many can feel apprehensive about needles, often because of their use in Western Medicine, in Chinese Medicine needles sooth, alleviate and calm. Many patients report feeling deeply relaxed or even fall into a deeply restorative sleep during acupuncture treatments.

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Stone Medicine

Stone Medicine is an ancient and fascinating part of Chinese Medicine. The laying of stones over the acupuncture points is called the poultice method. Stone Medicine also includes the use of grids, or geometric shapes around the body, referred to as the vibration method. The Elixir method of Stone Medicine, is the drinking of crystal infused waters. It is remarkable how water left next to a stone overnight can taste different and bring the medicine of the stones internally. Come join me in my San Diego office to experience the stones first hand.

Distance Healing

All three methods of Stone Medicine: poultice, grids and elixirs, are well suited to distance healing. Grids are a wonderful place to start. After a phone consultation I will create a special grid specifically for you. Multiple photos of your grid will be emailed to you, along with a description of your grid and the stones that were selected for you. 

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“I listen. With all my senses I listen to my patients, the lives they lead, and the forces affecting them.
Growing up between the US, Asia and Europe each new home brought
new tastes, words, and experiences which affected me because I was interested and attentive.
It is this deeply rooted American perspective with strong influences from abroad that helps my patients, through the questions I ask, the perspective I can offer,  
and the curiosity and concern  I bring to my patients.”
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Other Modalities


Angelina Jolie and Michael Phelps made cupping famous, It is a remarkable simple and effective way to relieve muscle tension and help boost the immune systems. Using glass cups and a vacuum seal, suction is created on the surface of the skin that is therapeutic to the muscles. And cupping is not unique to Chinese Medicine but is the most widely used medical treatment in the world.


Moxa is a plant material from sage brush that is dried and burned to create a therapeutic heat on the skin. Heat from moxa helps to move energy in the body, warm deep-seated cold and soothe the nervous system. Moxa is actually far more ancient treatment than acupuncture needles. Done with acupuncture or as stand alone treatment moxa can help those who are needle shy get an introduction to this time honored medicine.


There are more than just remedies for colds, digestion and sleep. There are specific formulas that I can prescribe that will help you with your health. Chinese Herbal Medicine is unique in it is use of multiple herbs in one pill, the use of multiple herbs helps to amplify the benefits and harmonize the medicine so it is easier to absorb & more effective.

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Gua Sha

In the early 90s I began studying Chinese Medicine during my massage training in New York City. Gua Sha is one of three styles of massage that I am proficient in, the others are Shiatsu (Japanese Massage) and Swedish massage/ deep tissue. Gua Sha like Shiatsu uses pressure point / acupressure points (the same points used for acupuncture) to release tension, bring back blood flow and nourishment and help further soothe the nervous system.


I spent nearly 4 months living and studying in India. Many hours a day were spent taking classes and assisting patients in medical yoga classes. But it was also the experience of living in India that helped shape my understanding of yoga and its transformative powers. Seeing how a house is maintained there, how the seemingly chaotic traffic manages to function and the reverence for craftsmanship, all while pausing throughout the day to show reverence for the spiritual has shaped how I teach and practice yoga. My aim is to ease the body's pains and limitations while keeping the path to spiritual progress open and available to students.  

Five Elements

Based on the four seasons, five element philosophy connects us to nature. When we can keep that connection strong and vital then our nervous system can rest and our immune system builds reserves of energy. Something as simple as walking can awaken our ears to the sound of the wind and birds and our nose to the fragrance of the season, connect us to the ground beneath us and the air around us and most importantly our eyes get  to see beyond the screen to the ever-changing tableau of nature. ‘Forrest Bathing’ is simply stepping into a native environment, where plants that have lived for generation, hold the wisdom and grace of the ages. By tapping into the power of nature around us my practice can give you life long tools for health and happiness.

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“I have been getting treated by Royal for over eight years and could not be happier with the experience. For the past two years, my husband and I have been having Royal provide in-home treatment and it’s been wonderful to be able to have that experience in the comfort of our home.” —Lauren  M.

Royal is a true specialist. When I first saw Royal I was brand new to Acupuncture. During that time of my life I was feeling very overwhelmed at work. I found that I wasn't present in my life away from work because I couldn't turn off work mode. Royal spent time listening to how I was feeling and adjusted a plan that was tailored for me. I saw him for approximately two months and my anxiety greatly decreased. I highly recommend his services—Adam C.

 I have been Royal's client for more than eight years and I cannot say enough good things about him. I originally came to him for migraine issues, which I no longer struggle with thanks to his treatments, and now acupuncture has become a regular monthly practice. It is rare to connect with a professional who is so in tune with their craft and the wellbeing of their patients. Royal's thoughtful, caring, and expert approach to each of our sessions, along with his tips to optimize my health between appointments keeps me coming back. I am so grateful for his work!  —Quinn P.

Royal is simply the best acupuncturist I have ever been to. I highly recommend him. He is a kind and gentle soul, and is exceptionally well-trained in his profession.—Paula S.

“My experience receiving acupuncture from Royal for the past three years has been deeply rewarding. His blend of needles and stones has created a truly unique—and informative—experience. I truly feel he has helped me learn, heal, and grow.” —Seth O.

Royal Fraser is a true healer! I have been treated by him for twenty years and I think he is the best acupuncturist you could choose. He is kind, gentle and thorough. He listens then treats. His work with stones is amazing and he is very knowledgeable. He gets the highest praise from me.—Deborah D.

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About Treatments

One sliding scale fee of $80-$100 covers all aspects of treatment during your 50 minute session. All the tools I have listed are available and are selected to help you get the best value out of our time together. Appointments can be made over the phone or through text. My office is in Hillcrest and is open Monday—Saturday.





I also offer home-care at $120 for 50 minutes, if travel time to your location is greater than 25 minutes, additional fees apply. Herbal therapy and any additional recommendations are given to you in links where you can purchase items directly on websites like Amazon. Thank you for taking the time to read about my practice. 

House Calls

Royal’s practice is a historic landmarked building in San Diego, CA.

Ask the acupuncturist a question via email or call or text: 

(619) 977-5336  

3320 2nd Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

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